FAQs for Members

What is this Assurance Program ?

Dentalbuddy Assurance helps you in reducing Out-of-Pocket Expenses of especially OPD Dental Day-to- Day Treatments at your own Family Dentist. After becoming member of this program, you can avail the CASHLESS benefits only at our Network Dental Clinics.

How can I become member ?

You just have to click “New Member Registration” tab on our website: www.Dentalbuddy.in , its completely Free of charge.

Can I avail the benefits of Dentalbuddy Assurance without becoming Member ?

No, to avail the benefits of this Unique OPD Dental benefit program, you have to register on our website to become member and Pay the Annual Membership Charges.

Is my Dental Treatment CASHLESS after becoming member ?

Yes, your Dental Consultation and all the Listed Dental Procedures covered as per this benefit program is CASHLESS in case you visit our Network Dentist only.

What If I visit out of Network Dentist or to my Family Dentist for availing this benefit ?

If you visit Out-Of-Network Dentist/Dental clinic, you have to get your Reimbursement Claim yourself. You have to follow the Steps mentioned in “FILE A CLAIM” tab in the website: www.Dentalbuddy.in or call at the Customer Support Number.


What Dental Treatments/Procedures are covered under this Assurance benefit ?

Dental OPD Procedures like: Root Canal Treatment (RCT), Fillings, Dental Implants, Crown, Bridge, Inlays, Onlays, Laminates, Veneers and all dental procedures Which are required to restore the tooth/teeth structure are covered.

Maximum Rates of Procedures paid   

Are all my Teeth in mouth are covered once I pay and become member of this benefit program ?

Only Healthy teeth which are Free from Cavities are Assured under this Benefit program and the teeth in mouth which are Not Healthy are not covered in this benefit program and will be marked in the Assurance Contract after payment.

Which Dental Procedures are not covered under this Assurance benefit ?

Orthodontic Procedures, Complete Dentures and Oral & Maxillofacial Lesions are not Covered.

Can anyone buy this Assurance membership if one does not have any teeth ?

No, if anyone who has no teeth in mouth pays for the Assurance membership, then the Refund will be made immediately as this benefit program covers only member’s teeth which are in Healthy condition for one year from the date of purchase.

Can I go to my own Family Dentist for availing the Assurance benefit ?

YES, you can go to any Dentist/Dental Clinic of your choice but in case you Go to any Dentist out of our Network then you have to get your Reimbursement Claim by yourself.

Do I have to Call or Inform Dentalbuddy Assurance before making a Claim ?

Yes, Firstly you should inform Dentalbuddy Assurance by informing that you want to visit Out of Network Clinic. After that you have to make sure you have all the original Documents as per Assurance Certificate before making a Claim on the Tab: “FILE A CLAIM”.

What if I do not have all the required Documents as per the Assurance Certificate ?

In this case your Claim will not be approved.

What is the Benefit of visiting Network Dentist/Dental Clinic ?

Your treatment will be totally CASHLESS from your Consultation Fees to the Completed Dental Procedure. In this case you do not have to get your Reimbursement claimed but the Dentist/Dental Clinic will claim it themselves.

How to find out the Network Dentist ?

You can I check the List of Dentists/Dental Clinics in your area by clicking a Tab: “Find a Dentist” in the website www.Dentalbuddy.in

Can I get Refund for my payment done ?

Kindly refer to the "Refund Policy", as per our Refund Policy there is No refund for the Payment once done.

How many Family members can be covered under this membership ?

All your Family members can be covered under this program as there are many “Family Floater Products” available which you can get good Discounts also. Please check on the website for details under “For Members” tab.