1. For Individual: 18 TO 65 Years;
  2. For Family: 08 TO 65 Years;
  1. Covered
  1. -For Free Whatsapp / Voice Dentalbuddy’s Dentist Consultation
  2. -For Up-to 25% Discounts on Dental Treatments beyond Assured Limit
  3. -For Up-to 15% Discounts on Medicines by Apollo Pharmacy
  1. 1. Scaling and Polishing- 20 Days
  2. 2. Filling- 20 Days
  3. 3. Root Canal Treatment - 3 Months
  4. 4. Crown & Bridge - 3 Months
  5. 5. Core Build Up - 2 Months
  6. 6. Post & Core - 3 Months
  7. 7. Veneers/ Laminates - 3 Months
  8. 8. Surgeries under Local Anaesthesia- 3 Months
  9. 9. Tooth Extraction - 2 Months
  10. 10. IOPA & OPG X- Ray - 20 Days
  11. 11. Reconstructive Procedure-2 Months
  12. 12. Gum Treatments- - 3 Months
  13. 13. Dental Implants - 2nd Year (If Product purchase is renewed by customer)
  14. 14. Orthodontic Treatment - 3rd Year (If Product purchase is renewed by customer)
  1. 1. Complete Dentures
  2. 2. Partial Dentures
  3. 3. Oral & Maxillofacial Lesions
  4. 4. Surgical Procedures done under General Anaesthesia
  1. One (1) time repair service as you request during the Contract Period of twelve (12) months which is CASHLESS at the time of repair request at our Network Dental Providers/ Clinics. The Assurance will cover any problem of teeth that are Healthy and structurally sound with cavity-free state after the product is purchased. In case of, a patient has any problem with any of the assured teeth, then he can get the treatment done free of cost till the Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair.
  2. One (1) time repair service as you request during the Contract Period of twelve (12) months at our Non-Network Dental Providers/ Clinics which will be reimbursed and will charge a normal Service Fee of 20% including 18% GST at the time of repair request.
  3. Benefits Includes: Consultation Fees, Diagnostic Examinations, X –rays, OPD Dental Procedures: Fillings, Root Canals Crowns, Bridges, inlays, onlays and dental implants, Cosmetic dental procedures, All Minor Dental Surgical procedures under Local Anesthesia listed in our covered Procedure list only except Orthodontic Procedures, Complete Dentures and Oral & Maxillofacial Lesions. Consultation fees is only included if it is billed with any Dental Procedure/ Treatment. Any dental repair or restoration work required out of the dental necessity to properly repair or restore any of the covered teeth to a structurally sound or cavity free state, or in the event where it is not possible to restore the structural integrity of the covered teeth or to replace them with an artificial tooth if required.
  4. Repair benefits up to repair/replacement cost of the Tooth/Teeth of your Mouth. Total cost of the repair service available under this contract- is limited up to One Time replacement cost of your repair/Dental Procedure for that particular tooth number till the limited sum assured, if the cost exceeds then you agree to bear the deferential amount as replacement cost and follow the same process as the case of beyond economic repairs.
  5. Easy Repair request registration through the website: www.dentalbuddy.in in “File a Claim” tab with dedicated repair request portal, Email on Customer care & Whatsapp Chat request and process flow of getting Referral Letter & Email. If you have any repair request, please submit it through our Whatsapp No: 8920066575. Please Email us at contactus@dentalbuddy.in for any queries or to change your details mentioned above or to provide feedback.

Not Covered:

  1. Any Tooth / Teeth which is Declared Unhealthy by you in the Self Declaration / Acceptance / Undertaking Form at the time of generating the Assurance Contract is not covered under the program.
  2. Teeth whitening.
  3. Cosmetic Dentistry of any kind unless required out of necessity in relation to a claim to restore covered teeth damaged.
  4. Filling compounds containing gold (the value of the standard filling material can be applied towards the cost of gold fillings).
  5. Claims not properly supported with the materials and information required by the Administrator.
  6. Charges or apportionments thereof that exceed the standard fees charged or that are not customary or reasonable.
  7. Any costs or liabilities arising from any third-party bodily injury claims.
  8. IPD/Hospitalization Dental charges like: Jaw Fractures, Surgical Procedures under General Anesthesia.
    1. Self-Declaration / Acceptance / Undertaking

      I/We, the undersigned, declare for and on behalf of (Full name) that:

      1. I / we am/are here with submitting this proposal for grant of Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair in my/our favor. I/We confirm that the benefit there under, the terms and conditions there of etc. have been explained to me/us and I/we have fully understood and agreed to abide by them.
      2. I/We have obtained all the approvals and completed all the necessary procedures stipulated as per the relevant internal guidelines/ rules/ bye laws/ statutory provisions etc., applicable, and that accordingly, I/ we am/are duly authorized sever all your jointly to sign the agreement form, furnish any particulars and carry out all matters in connection with or incidental to the aforesaid arrangement with the Company. I / We further affirm that the Company shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever, of the consequences of relying upon this confirmation and issuing a assured treatment plan in our favor.
      3. I / We further declare that statements / submissions made by me / us in this document (including any addendum(s) thereto and census data),all declarations, affidavits and other statements and/ or any information sought by the Company from us and relied upon by the Company to consider the treatment plan in our favor and/ or to assess the risk involved in dental treatment under this Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair shall form the basis of the contract between me / us and Dentalbuddy Assurance Pvt. Ltd.
      4. I/ We declare that Dentalbuddy Assurance is not responsible for personal injury or damage caused to me/ Us due to any technical or Dental Procedural Malfunction/mishappening by the Service Provider Dentist/Dental Clinic/Diagnostic center. I/ We also declare and Undertake that Dentalbuddy Assurance will never be held responsible for Loss of my/ our tooth/teeth done by service provider referred by Dentalbuddy Assurance during performing the Procedure due to professional negligence of the treating dentist/dental clinic. I/We further acknowledge that Dentalbuddy Assurance is not a Dental Service Provider/ Dentist but a Dental Wellness Company/ Brand/ Platform offering Dental Wellness Service Package only.
      5. I / We understand and agree that the Company may defer the issuance of Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair to be issued in our favor till the Company duly receives, to its complete satisfaction, all the necessary clarifications/documentation or other requirements sought by Company.
      6. I/ We undertake that prior to forwarding any form and/ or Member data to the Company for admitting any person as a member under this Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair, I / we shall ensure that he / she meets the applicable eligibility criteria I / We also agree to make available to the Company such records, documents, information etc. as may be required.
      7. I/ We understand and agree that the cost, charges and the statutory levies shall be paid in advance for this Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair and to be covered under the agreement that may be issued in our favor.
      8. I / We agree and undertake to furnish all the required details about members covered as per the Company’s format, in the digital soft copy. I / We further agree and undertake to furnish all requisite documents within the stipulated time-period and in the manner as directed.
      9. I/ We understand and agree that this Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair provided by the Company is pursuant to this document, shall be governed by the Terms & Conditions of this Contract, and shall be further subject to the substantial laws of India/ Rules/Regulations/Guidelines etc. in force.
      10. I/ We understand and agree that if any untrue statement is contained in the documents (including any addendum(s)thereto)/or any of the documents, statements information etc. provided to the Company in connection there with or if there has been a non- disclosure of material fact, or in case of fraud, then in any such event the Company shall have the right to, in respect of a/ all member(s)to revise/ vary the benefits/ treat the agreement as per the provisions of India contract act, 1872 as amended from time to time.
      11. I/ We agree that, subject to us meeting the eligibility criteria as specified in the applicable regulations,
        1. Where the applicant has specifically authorized Dentalbuddy Assurance Pvt. Ltd. To appoint doctors empaneled with it for any required dental treatment, the applicant shall have no objection in respect of any such appointment.
        2. The treatment shall be based on assessment by the doctor dealing with the ailment. If the treatment costs exceeds the Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair then the applicant shall pay the amount over and above the treatment cost.
        3. I/ We will be responsible for making payments to the treating doctor directly.
        4. This Limited Assurance Contract for Teeth Repair shall cover treatments as described in Product details. All costs reimbursable as per this contract shall be subject to approval by the Company. Any treatment done directly without informing the Company shall not be covered under the contract and will be treated outside the scope and coverage of treatment plan.
        5. I/ We will provide the data/ information in the form at prescribed by Company to facilitate settlement of all claims.
        6. I/ We would be subject to verification and audit by Company or any agency appointed for verification of the data/ information that is submitted.
        7. The Company shall try to get the claims settled within 30 days (approx.) of intimation by the applicant. I acknowledge that I/we have no objection to any such settlement.
        8. The company and applicant are aware that the contract is beneficial for dental benefits described in Product details. Any dental treatment benefit not covered in this contract will not be entertained for the purposes of claims.

      I/ We understand that we will facilitate the registration and settlement of the claims and that the claim form shall be duly authenticated by me/ us to the satisfaction of the Company. I have been explained the contents of this document by the Company and ensure that the contents have been fully understood by me. I/We have accurately accepted the information sought in this Contract and I/We confirmed that they are correct.